Are these signs visible on your skin? Then, you might need to consult an Acne Specialist Dr. Puneet Goyal is a renowned name in the field of dermatology in Jaipur. The clinic is well-equipped with the advancements in the industry. The best methods and latest technologies are used for treatments at affordable costs. Also, various facilities provided there ensure the patient satisfaction.

There are many treatments available for acne at Renova Skin Clinic. These methods depend on the seriousness of the problem. Blackheads or whiteheads can be easily treated than others. Likewise, there can be various treatments according to the situation.

  • If the acne is occasional, a good use of skin compounds like different acids ensures its removal.
  • When you encounter a plenty of pustules or cysts, you may need to take an oral antibiotic.
  • For persistent acne, those antibiotics which can be taken by mouth or applied to the skin, are a good option.
  • For teenage girls, spironolactone can yield fruitful benefits.
  • No of Sessions Required
  • Frequency of Sessions
  • Side Effects
  • Medicines Required

Dr Punnet Goyal suggest you to prevent yourself than to run for the cure. Alter your habits to prevent yourself from acne. The most common ones include keeping the face clean, washing face and neck area at least two times a day. These are good options to be on the safe side.

Apart from these treatments, one may need to consult Dr Puneet Goyal if the problem is serious and is unbearable. Some of the treatments offered by dermatologists are.

Question & Answer

Answer: Yes, you can wear makeup but do not try too many brands or wrong makeup materials as makeup can clog skin pores, results in the acne condition worst. It’s better to consult the doctor for right makeup.

Answer: In majority of cases, acne permanently goes away. Our Renova Skin Clinic has latest techniques like Fractional Co2 Laser, Diamond Polishing&Acne Check Peel etc to treat any acne conditions.

Answer: Healthy food is a reflection of your inner & outside health, in other words avoids any kind of fast food, oily food or street food. You must have a healthy diet.

Answer: As these activities increases the blood flow, sweat production & other waste products that results in promotion of more irritation and acne conditions. It’s better to do yoga as compared to these activities.

Answer: Ever skin is different and every condition is different so without knowing your skin type it can be a mistake to use these products or any homemade solutions because every product has different agents or chemicals so what can accelerate the acne condition, you do n’t know ever. It's better to consult the doctor.


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