There are many people who like to get tattooed. Some prefer having a temporary tattoo while some go for a permanent one. Tattoo removal techniques are being practiced since the invention of tattoos. Laser tattoo removal technique is a savior to remove permanent tattoos without pain. Even if you are thinking for a cover-up a laser tattoo removal aids to lighten the existing ink.

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Treatment & Procedure

It is a non-invasive method that is safe and effective to a great extent. It is possible to remove tattoo of any size, design, and color with FDA approved lasers like Q-switch, ND YAG laser, and HELIOS 3.

Although, laser treatment is a safe process yet there might be some side effects associated with it. The risk of infection after the procedure cannot be denied. Tattoo may not be completely removed and hypopigmentation can occur. The process may be uncomfortable. Dermatologists use advanced laser technology method for the best result without harm.

The Technique

Laser light works on the intensity level. Different color inks of the tattoo have specific light absorption spectra. The high-intensity laser beam focused on the tattooed area breakdown the pigment colors. Black is the easiest to treat while yellow and green colors may leave light marks behind.

Why This Technique?

From the various remedies available, laser technique comes out to be the most effective and safest one. The treatment is simple and easy. Although, laser cannot ensure the proper removal, it can make tattoo disappear to an extent. This technique is recognized around the world, so it can be a good choice.

You will have to go through couple of sessions depending upon the size and intensity of tattoo. The other factors affecting are age, size, the color of the tattoo, the color of skin, profundity of tattoo etc.

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