Moles, skin tags, and warts are annoying skin growths that have risen quite a concern. All three confuse people. They are still struggling to find the difference between the three.

Warts are deep-skinned and scaly spots. They are the hard bumps that appear smooth on top yet callus-like, thick underneath. Warts usually pop-up on hands, knees or feet bottom.

Skintags are the mass of tissue attached by a thin pedestal and are known as the little flaps of skin. They arise out of friction from clothes.

Moles are the scariest of the three. They form slowly and can be differentiated because of their pigment and hair. Moles will catch your eyes easily because of their color. Moles also include hair on themselves.

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In general, they are non-dangerous. But, if a certain change in appearance is observed it might be an early warning of something serious. Moles are brown colored, flat or raised spots which can be the precursor of skin cancer or melanoma. Visit a skin specialist if you see an unusual change in color or texture of the mole.

As warts are contagious, you need to get rid of it before someone else catches it.

Tags causes the pain and damage ski

Treatment & Procedure

Moles, warts, & tags can become a threat because of certain reasons. Mole removal procedures can be performed in dermatological clinics.

  • Medications are given to treat warts:
    • Electrosurgery- Burning skin tags with the help of electricity
    • Cryosurgery- Freezing technique may help get rid of unwanted spots
  • Curette in office or tying tag with dental floss
  • Laser: Effective method to remove moles

Consult a dermatologist for the removal of unwanted spots as soon as you encounter them. You can get the advanced treatments at Renova Skin clinic by Dr Puneet Goyal. The combination of experience, technology, and method can be well-found there.

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