White or gray hair was considered as the sign of aging. But, premature graying of hair is a common problem these days. These days aging is not the only factor behind losing melanin pigment. People encounter grey hairs at the age of 30-40.

As hair is one of the most attractive parts of the body, there is a vital need of maintaining hair health.

Reasons behind graying of hair
  • Apart from age as a factor, other reasons like deficiency of necessary vitamin like B6, B12 etc. are a matter of concern.
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Stress also contributes a lot to premature whitening of hair

Treatment & Procedure

Signs to recognize the problem

The problem starts with a single white hair and continues to spread over time. The best sign to recognize the problem is the color itself. If you encounter even a single hair of white/ grey color, you may consider it is an alarm to the problem.

How to deal with white hair?

Although there has not been a perfect medication for white hair, adopting certain strategies can prove to be of great help. You cannot change all your hair back to the natural color with medicines. You can just change the look and color of hair a little bit by taking the required nutrients.

  • Chemical-less Coloring is the widely accepted cosmetic treatment to deal with gray hair. You can apply Organic henna as well.
  • A daily intake of essential nutrients can be the best way to reduce the problem.
  • Getting the help from a dermatologist like Dr. Puneet Goyal can help a lot. There is a wide variety of equipment available at the Renova Skin clinic to ensure a proper checkup at an affordable rate.

Prevention is the best method to tackle pre-mature graying of hair. You can regularly wash and oil your hairs in order to maintain health of the hair. Take the essential nutrients and keep calm.

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Question & Answer

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Answer: There is no issue with an average hair fall daily. But, the destruction of new hair follicles is a problem. When scalp bears sores and starts replacing the follicles there can be a problem. Retardation of a cycle of development or shedding of hair is yet another reason for hair loss. So, you need to take a proper care of hair.

Answer: The best way is to not waste time and consult a Hair dermatologist as soon as possible. Make the guidelines issued by the dermatologist an integral part of the routine. If you are facing a lot of problems because of balding of hair then you must go for a hair transplant.


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